Revisiting Disaster Preparedness Plans with Home Health Care & Hospice Agencies | Home health care and hospice agencies continue to struggle with the development of disaster preparedness plans that will not only be in compliance, but also effective and realistic during an event, according to the ...

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Why Strategic Planning is Critical in the Success of Home Health Care Agencies | Strategic planning is fundamental to the continued success of an organization and its future growth. This goes for the home health care industry and its providers, particularly in light of recent developments such as...

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The Importance of Senior Preventive Care for Healthier Aging | There are a record 50 million seniors (65 years and older) living in the United States, with this number expected to reach 70 million by the year 2030. As the number of seniors increases so does the need for geriatric care, including ...

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CMS Proposed Ruling Gives Greater Access to Telehealth to Home Health Care Patients | Medicare Advantage members as of 2020 will have greater access to virtual care visits, according to a new proposed ruling from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that was finalized in April. T...

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Protecting Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Drivers While On the Job | Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) drivers make dozens of trips on a weekly basis, taking patients to hospitals and other outpatient healthcare facilities. Patients with chronic illnesses and disabilities often re...

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation is reshaping whole industries – from manufacturing to banking and health care – and almost every other enterprise. In the health care industry, for example, AI is being investigated to prevent dosage errors; provide personalized medicine, automatic trea...

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Home health care patients have the legal right to make their own decisions regarding whether to accept or reject health care given them in the home. This is known as informed consent in which a patient should be apprised of the nature, risks and alternatives of a medical procedure or treatment be...

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The need for registered nurses is expected to grow by 15% from 2016 to 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Similarly, the need for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) is projected to grow by 12% and nursing assistants by 11% over the same period. With an aging baby boomer population a...

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Data from 2018 Cyber insurance claims reflect a rise in business email compromise (BEC) and ransomware, according to reports recently issued by several Cyber Liability insurance providers. BEC is a social engineering attack in which cybercriminals use compromised email credentials or spoof a legi...

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Insurance Services

  • Home Healthcare Provider

    The growth of the home health care industry over the last several years is due to a number of factors, including the desire of seniors to receive medical care in the comfort of their home coupled with the growing elderly population in the U.S. In fact, receiving health care at home represents a lifeline for millions of Americans, especially for the aging and chronically ill, who are looking for support and health care services throughout their continuum of life. Professional staff delivers home health care routinely, helping patients and their families manage preventive care as well as chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiac care, managing wounds and prescription medications, and administering essential therapies.
  • Companion Care and Support Services

    Families across America are increasingly turning to companion care and support agencies to help them take care of their loved ones when they no longer can do it on their own. These companies provide non-medical home care assistance and support for daily living activities. With these services come inherent risks and responsibilities. Exposures can range from workers’ compensation injuries, to professional liability claims and automobile accidents, just to name a few. In addition, many states have specific licensure laws and regulations that govern companion care.At Manchester Specialty Programs, we deliver an insurance program specifically designed for companion care agencies, including franchises, one of the fastest-growing health care sectors in the country. Our comprehensive insurance program is designed to help these agencies continue to provide the important services they offer throughout our communities.
  • Visiting Nurse Associations

    Visiting Nurse Associations (VNAs) are well-established licensed, non-profit, home health care agencies. Over 100 ago, they were the first social service agencies to provide care at home. Through a local VNA, residents receive quality nursing and rehabilitative services in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. A VNA works with the individual and his or her physician to develop a tailored treatment plan used to achieve care goals.The extent of the services provided by VNAs necessitates a comprehensive, specialized insurance program that addresses the unique and broad range of exposures an agency and its staff face on a daily basis. We’ve been insuring the home health care industry and its various segments for over 20 years. Our program is designed to respond to the various exposures VNAs face and to help mitigate and prevent losses.
  • Hospices

    The hospice industry in the United States is rapidly growing, offering patients a better way to have a quality end of life experience supported by a staff committed to providing the medical services, and emotional support for those in the last stages of terminal illness. To ensure the hospice industry continues to provide its services, each organization must have a robust insurance program in place to safeguard its people, assets and reputation.
  • Medical Staffing Firms

    Medical staffing firms are entities that provide health care facilities with highly trained staff support, such as nurses, physical therapists, medical technicians and others, on a permanent or temporary basis. To help ensure their success, a comprehensive and broad insurance program is required to protect the firm in the event of liability claims, property damage, injuries or accidents. This is particularly important as organizations have the combined challenges of employing medical professionals with all of the associated Workers’ Compensation and liability issues, along with the many issues that all staffing agencies face, such as co-employment.Manchester Specialty Programs, with its commitment to the health care and medical staffing industry for many years, provides an all-lines insurance solution that is designed to put into place the coverages needed to safeguard a firm’s people, property and financial assets.
  • Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers

    At Manchester Specialty Programs, we’re known for providing an integrated comprehensive insurance solution for various home health care organizations. This includes providing General Liability & Products Liability, Professional Liability, Employment Practices, Owned Auto Coverage, Workers’ Compensation and Regulatory Audit Coverage for durable medical equipment suppliers (DMEs). Our all-lines product provided by a selection of top-rated insurers allows us to help you cover the various exposures faced by DMEs, eliminate coverage gaps and provide value for your insurance budget.Our program can offer insurance for medical equipment distributors, retailers and service contractors for home placement in order to facilitate rehabilitation, treatment and ongoing care.
  • Professional Liability

    Professional Liability insurance, also known as Malpractice or Errors and Omissions insurance, is a critical coverage component of any comprehensive plan safeguarding health care organizations and the various professionals and paraprofessionals that they employ. A single mistake or oversight in treatment could lead to injury, illness or even death of a patient. Manchester Specialty Programs provides Entity Professional Liability coverage for each of the business risks we can cover – from home health care providers, personal care, companion care and support services and visiting nurse associations (VNAs), to hospices, medical staffing firms and durable medical equipment suppliers (DME).We can tailor a policy to address the specific exposures of each health care niche, depending on the types of services they offer and the location where care is provided.
  • Workers Compensation

    Workers’ Compensation coverage for home health care providers, companion care and support services, Visiting Nurse Associations (VNAs), hospices, medical staffing firms and durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers represents a significant expense in addition to payroll. Losses are often inevitable in this industry, especially for those with employees lifting or transporting patients or working with medical devices on a regular basis.At Manchester Specialty Programs, as a result of our long-term commitment and experience in this area, we have numerous avenues available to us to secure Workers’ Compensation coverage for your firm. We hold the underwriting pen with many of our program partners for Workers’ Compensation. We can also access monoline Workers’ Compensation capacity on a placement basis if our standard program carriers are not available to write a particular risk.
  • General Liability / Package

    General Liability insurance along with securing the proper limits for all health care organizations is essential to protect their assets and allow them to continue to keep their doors open and make their services available. Visitors and patients can get injured on the premises and property can be damaged while carrying out an agency’s services, just to name a couple of the liability risks that exist.We provide General Liability insurance as part our program for the home health care, hospice and medical staffing market to protect against third-party lawsuits in the event of bodily injury, property damage and personal injury claims. Our program can compensate an insured for lawyer’s fees, settlement or judgment costs, and other court expenses. We also offer Excess Liability coverage to extend the underlying coverage in the event of a catastrophic injury or accident.
  • Non-Owned & Hired Auto

    Non-owned and Hired Auto Insurance Coverage will protect you from lawsuits brought against you from the actions of your employees while driving their vehicles in the scope of their business duties. Many home health care agencies allow caregivers to transport their clients in the caregiver’s vehicle. In other cases, healthcare professionals, such as a physical therapist or home health aide, use their own vehicles to travel to assist people in the home. There are even the routine work-related tasks that need to get done such as picking up office supplies or going to the bank to deposit checks.In each case, there is a certain amount of risk for agencies and organizations when employees use their own vehicles. The personal auto insurance of the employee should be “primary” to respond to a loss; the entity/business itself should also carry adequate non-owned and hired auto liability limits.
  • Management Liability (D&O/EPLI)

    Today’s environment for those in health care is fraught with increased financial stress, tighter regulation and greater exposures, putting organizations and their patients at risk. Manchester Specialty Programs provides health care organizations with a flexible Management Liability insurance program to address this complex landscape. We offer Directors’ & Officers’ (D&O) Liability insurance as well as Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance including risk management services from our carrier partners to help with employment screening, verification and background checks and overall human resources management.
  • Regulatory Audit Coverage

    The Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program was established by Congress to identify and recover overpayments in Medicare and Medicaid. Third-party contractors conduct billing audits and are paid on a contingency fee basis for overpayments found. These audits have the potential to open up a healthcare agency or facility to exposures involving many types of violations.The government has also hired Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPICs) to investigate fraud and abuse for all Medicare-related claims. This includes audits on providers and suppliers of Part A, Part B, Part C, the Medicare prescription drug benefit (Part D), durable medical equipment, prosthetics, and orthotics supplier (DMEPOS), home health and hospice, and Medicaid services. If a provider is selected for a ZPIC audit, the firm is either the subject of a fraud investigation or the contractor is reviewing claims information to determine whether an investigation should be open.
  • Cyber Liability

    Cyber threats today are among the top risks for organizations of all types and sizes, with the health care industry and its diverse segments particularly vulnerable due to the high value placed on stolen patient records in the criminal market. In fact, the FBI estimates that one patient record goes for $50 on the black market, much more than the few dollars often obtained for credit card numbers.Moreover, according to a 2015 study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, an independent research organization on privacy, data protection and information security policy, data breaches could be costing the health care industry $6 billion. Despite this, many organizations have little or no confidence in their ability to detect all patient data loss or theft. They are also unprepared to meet the changing cyber threat environment with a comprehensive incident response plan comprised of forensics analysis,mandatory patient notification, identity theft protection, remediation and resolution services.
  • Healthcare Suite

    Manchester Specialty offers a comprehensive suite of products for Miscellaneous Medical Facilities, coordinating different coverages to address key exposures and reduce coverage gaps. We partner with several financially strong, nationally recognized insurers that specialize in healthcare risks to provide best-in-class protection, risk management and claims servicing to insureds.We have a broad appetite for Miscellaneous Medical Facilities, including ambulatory surgery centers, blood/tissue banks, community health clinics, imaging/radiation centers, laboratories, outpatient rehab, treatment centers, and urgent care facilities, among others in addition to long term care facilities. Our full spectrum of coverage includes comprehensive Medical Malpractice and General Liability insurance that includes Professional Liability for medical staff including employed physicians.
  • Risk Management

    Health care organizations face a wide range of exposures that require not only a comprehensive insurance program, but also robust risk management tools and loss control measures. Each of our carrier partners are committed to helping insureds mitigate their risk and take control over the frequency and severity of losses by providing tailored loss control and prevention services.

Manchester Specialty Programs Inc.

Manchester Specialty Programs offers a totally integrated business insurance solution for the broad spectrum of home health care, hospice and medical staffing organizations fundamental to communities throughout the country. Our specialty insurance programs for the health care industry are available on a national basis, and we are the only provider that can cover all of your business insurance needs in a single program supported by a select group of “A++” and “A” rated or better financially stable insurance carriers.

Providing Specialty Insurance for Home Health Care, Hospice & Medical Staffing Firms

Manchester Specialty Programs Inc. is a privately held national specialty underwriting and insurance program management firm. We are licensed to do business as a program administrator in all 50 states and DC. The quality and stability of our insurance program for home health care, hospice and medical staffing firms is a direct result of our expertise, broad product capability and commitment to the market.

Trust in Our Experience

We have attracted an experienced and innovative team of underwriting, product development, technology and marketing professionals to create well-designed specialty insurance programs in dynamic and growth industry segments. This has enabled us to establish and maintain excellent relationships with top-rated insurance carriers to continually deliver sound protection and unique insurance solutions as emerging risks develop in the health care landscape.

Since we have underwritten home health care, hospice and medical staffing firms for over three decades, we have deep knowledge of the risks that these firms face in their daily operations. The ability to match accounts to an insurance carrier that will best fit their needs is something we pride ourselves on, and constantly strive to develop insurance products to respond to emerging services and delivery of care. Insurance carriers stand behind our program as a direct result of our knowledge and long-term commitment and involvement in the home care and related services industry.

Stability Matters

The financial strength and a stable long-term outlook are absolutely critical for our insurance brokers and clients/insureds. We are proud to represent a select group of some of the most highly rated and strongest carriers in the U.S. market for our home health care, hospice and medical staffing program.  

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